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Terms & Conditions

Cakes by Ann - Terms & Conditions

Please read the following Terms and Conditions, if there is anything you don’t understand please feel free to contact us.

Cakes by Ann bespoke wedding cakes and celebration cakes are subject to the following Terms and Conditions.


All our ingredients are of the highest quality.
Our cakes may contain nuts or nut traces.

Please Note: We do not create nut free or gluten free cakes.


We prefer four weeks’ notice on wedding cakes but will accept short notice wedding cakes subject to the availability of the date required.


We require a £50 deposit on placement of each wedding cake order.
Please note that all deposits are non refundable

Final Payment:

For wedding cakes the final payment is due at least four weeks before delivery date, by credit card, cash or we can send you an invoice through Paypal, we don't accept cheques.

Wedding Cake Sponge Tiers and Celebration Cakes:

If you require your wedding cake or celebration cake to be created with any sponge tiers, we recommend that the sponge tiers be consumed on the day to ensure they are as fresh as possible, we do not add any preservatives or additives to our cakes to prolong shelf life but kept under the right conditions our sponge cakes will last 7 days.


Cakes cannot be collected from our premises and delivery must be arranged.
We offer a FREE delivery service between 9am and 1pm, 7 days a week.

If we attempt delivery between the times above but delivery cannot be completed we will leave a card. Unless delivery is to a restaurant or venue.

When you want delivery to a restaurant or venue then the premises must be open, or someone must be present during the above times to accept delivery, if this is not possible contact us to make other arrangements.

If the delivery times above don't suit you please contact us and we will do our best to arrange a suitable time, please note that there may be an additional charge for this outside our normal delivery times.

We offer delivery by our own company transport and drivers only, we don't use couriers.

Please Note: Our drivers are very experienced at delivering our cakes and your cake will be delivered in perfect condition, please check your cake when delivered.

You will be asked to sign for your cake so it is important that you check the inscription and condition of your cake as any mistakes must be brought to the drivers attention so that we may have time to rectify them.

We can deliver to your home or your venue, please note that we cannot accept responsibility if you decide to transport your cake yourself after we have delivered to the original delivery address so it is recommended that if you intend to take your cake to a restaurant or other venue that you have it delivered there by us whenever possible.

If this is not possible please feel free to ask us about the best way to transport your cake.

Wedding Cake Cancellations:

Due to having to acquire certain components for our wedding cakes and order these months in advance it is necessary to implement the following conditions when a wedding cake order is canceled.

Cancellation 90 days from your wedding date - 100 % of the total cost will be payable unless we can fill the date.

Wedding Cake cancellations must be made in writing and by the person who made the initial order, we cannot accept a wedding cake cancellation by email or over the phone for security reasons.

Wedding Cake Stands or Bases:

We supply our wedding cake stands and bases Free of charge, subject to a refundable deposit, our stands and bases are used by many couples and should be returned to us within seven days of your wedding date, stands or bases returned after seven days will result in the loss of your deposit and be charged at £25 per week, unless agreed by us. Please have some consideration for other couples and return them promptly.

We reserve the right to seek compensation for stands and bases not returned or damaged when returned and to recover cost for replacements.

We will try our very best to supply the wedding cake base/stand in the colour and size you require but on occasion this may not be possible due to clients not returning bases on time, we will however supply an adequate replacement.

Celebration Cakes - Payments on Delivery:

All payments for your celebration cakes must be made before orders can be processed unless previously agreed to pay on delivery.

When paying on delivery full payment must be made when the cake is delivered or we cannot leave the cake.

Please Note: We will attempt to make delivery between 9am and 1pm on the date you have asked for, if for any reason you cannot accept delivery please let us know as soon as possible, we can arrange deliveries out-with these times.

If you order a cake from us and we agree payment on delivery then you must pay for your cake, the cake will have cost money to make and decorate and non-payment is not an option for us, we will persue the amount due through the small claims court whether you have accepted delivery of the cake or not, please be aware that this sort of action may cost you a lot more than just the original price of the cake and will be recorded by the court and could be detrimental to your credit rating.

It only takes a phone call to cancel a cake.

Cancelation of a Cake:

We ask that if you want to cancel a cake that you contact us as soon as possible, please note that if your cake has already been baked then cancellation is not possible and your cake will need to be paid for, whether you want it or not.

We are always willing to help and understand that things happen that may result in a celebration or wedding being canceled, we will try our best to accommodate a new date for you to get your cake, subject to availability, but this is not always possible.

Any cakes baked will have to be paid for at the price agreed.

We also adhere to any distance selling regulations regarding perishable goods.

Cake Components:

From time to time certain components for our celebration cakes and wedding cakes will become unavailable or obsolete and may have to be replaced, this is totally out of our control, however we will replace these with components of equal or better quality and we reserve the right to do this without consultation.

Special Offers:

Cakes by Ann reserve the right to halt any special offers or promotions at any time.


All of our cakes are sent in perfect condition, we don't send our celebration cakes or wedding cakes by courier. Any damages should be brought to the delivery drivers attention so we may have the cake returned to us and we can rectify the problem, your cake will then be delivered to you once sorted.


Although we very seldom receive anything but praise for our cakes and services, it would be silly to say we never have any complaints, On these rare occasions we do take complaints very seriously.

If you have a complaint we ask that you contact us within 2 days of receiving your cake, please keep the cake for inspection as we may have to send a sample to a food lab for a report.

Please note that there is a charge for sending samples to the food lab but this will be paid by us if we are found to be at fault, If the food lab report states that we are within the shelf life for the cake/s when delivered we will expect that the costs incurred be covered by you.

Please note that we adhere to very strict production standards always, sponge cakes are mixed and baked 2 days prior to delivery, covered and decorated 1 day prior to delivery and to be consumed at their best should be eaten on the day of delivery or the day after.

Kept under ideal conditions our sponge cakes can be kept longer, up to seven days, but we don’t add any preservatives or additives to prolong shelf life.

Our sponge cakes are made from only the best quality sponge mixes.

Our Terms & Conditions

When ordering your wedding cake or celebration cake it is believed that you have read, understood and accept our terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to alter, delete or review any of the above terms and conditions and to do so without prior consultation or notice.

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