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Wedding Cake History

Wedding Cake History

The Wedding Cake

In Earlier times the wedding guests would supply the cakes by bringing a small bread or cake with them to the wedding. These were stacked, as a sign of prosperity, so the bride and groom could kiss over them for good luck. The bride and groom today cut the first slice of wedding cake as a symbol of unity.

Traditionally the top tier of the wedding cake is kept for their first anniversary or as a christening cake for their first child. In roman times the tradition was to throw small wheat cakes at the bride, as a symbol of fertility. This changed to breaking the wheat cakes over the bride’s head and the bride and groom would eat the crumbs.
Guests then scrambled for the pieces of cake in the hope of securing good luck for themselves.

The European tradition in Wedding cakes is mostly white, as a symbol of purity. Wedding cakes in other cultures are often more colourful.

The Grooms Cake

This cake has been around from the Middle Ages, usually dark, solid and much smaller than the Wedding Cake. It is traditional served at the reception besides the white-tiered Wedding Cake, making a beautiful contrast of colour, taste, texture and design.
A Grooms Cake is also packed into slices ahead of time for guests to take home and for others who could not attend, so they may celebrate the couple’s good fortune.
It is also said that if a single guest puts a piece of Grooms Cake under their pillow, they will dream of their future marriage partner.

Now wedding cakes come in a wide choice of shapes and colours, they are far removed from the traditional bread and cakes of long ago.
Wedding cakes can be designed in square, round, heart, oblong, diamond, rectangle shapes or even different combinations of shapes.

For a long time the traditional wedding cake was made from a rich fruit cake covered in marzipan and icing, more and more couples are opting for less traditional wedding cakes, having sponge tiers incorporated instead of fruit.

More and more couples are having a main themed cake with one or even two cutting tiers instead of the traditional tiered wedding cakes.


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